Mesh AI creates schedules based on employee preferences and availabilities, while satisfying the various constraints of the organization. Promoting a healthier workplace culture, Mesh AI allows managers to improve their employees' work-life balance, which will in turn improve their mood and productivity. With Mesh AI, managers remain in full control of the business/institution's scheduling, while avoiding possible tendency towards favouritism. 

If not benefiting already, ask your managers and schedulers to allow you to input your preferences in addition to your vacations before a schedule is created. These can then be taken into account when either manual or automated scheduling is done. 

The analytics page will then show the number of shifts, hours, and requests by different members in a given interval. 

To fully benefit from the above, bring all related communications to the  Mesh AI platform. Let go of the old habits of sending emails or texts, calling, or sliding your vacations dates on a napkin under your scheduler's door. Close the messaging groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Mesh AI is your comprehensive scheduling and communication platform. 

PS. If you need to communicate PHI (patient health information) needing the required privacy and security, ask your Mesh AI concierge today about how this can be added for your team. 

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