Members and Administrators can familiarize themselves with MESH AI and assess its many features through a fictitious Playground Team. This Team is populated with fake Members, Jobs, and Shifts. The Playground Team is temporary and will self-destruct 5 days after its creation.

  1. To create a Playground Team, click on '+' from your MESH AI home page.

2. Select 'Playground' from the pop-up window.

3. You be taken through the standard two-step setup process of setting up a Team. The first page is the Template, where regularly occurring Shifts, and Jobs are defined. Note that several have been created for your viewing in the Playground Team.

4. The second step of the standard two-step setup process is the addition and management of Members. Note that in the Playground Team, some Members have been added with varying Job Qualifications for the Jobs created in the previous step.

5. Start exploring MESH AI with Playground Team. Two schedules have been pre-created. One for the current week, which has been published, and one for the mont after that, which is unpublished. We recommend you navigate to the unpublished Schedule and hit the 'Autoschedule My Team' button to see our automatic scheduler in action.

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