Requests are work preferences and/or requirements made by Members (or by an Administrator on behalf of a Member) before scheduling occurs.  

There are five types of standard Requests:  Vacation,  Cannot Work,  Must Work,  Prefer Not to Work, and Prefer to Work. Mesh AI allows for custom requests. You can now determine how many you have and what titles you need.

To submit a Request, click on a day from your Calendar and fill-in your information in the ‘New Requests from Team Members’ pop-up window. Requests usually require the Team Administrator's approval and must be made prior to scheduling.


Select ‘Requests’ from your Team Calendar to access your Members’ requests.

To create new Requests for a Member, click on a date or select a date range on the Team Calendar or Schedule, and click 'New Member Request'.

Note that you may also modify, approve, and/or deny any of your Team Members' requests by clicking on their Request.

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