Schedules are workspaces where you plan Shifts for a period of time. You can create a new Schedule by clicking the [+] button on the left panel of your Team Calendar.

You can add, edit, delete, or move Shifts using the Schedule Calendar. 

Scheduled Shifts and Shift changes in unpublished Schedules are invisible to your Members. 

Once you are satisfied with your Schedule, you can publish it using the 'Publish' button. When published, all the Shifts in the Schedule become visible to all Team Members on their Team Dashboard.

  • Add an additional Shift by clicking on a date on the Calendar and creating a new 'Non-Template Shift.'
  • Delete a Shift by clicking on the Shift you wish to delete, followed the trashcan icon.
  • Assign a Member to a Shift by clicking on the Shift and selecting an appropriate Member.
  • Click 'Autoschedule Now' to allow our intelligent system to fill any empty Shifts, based on your Team's Rules.

Note: If this is your first time autoscheduling a schedule, a MESH AI concierge will review your settings before enabling the Autoscheduler feature to ensure that you get the best experience.

  • Access statistics and analytics about your Schedule Shifts distribution by clicking on 'View Schedule Quality' 
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