When you are ready to schedule a period of time, these are the steps that will get you to a completed schedule:

  1. Create a new schedule for the period you wish to plan
  2. Approve or disapprove of any requests that will impact your scheduling period
  3. Adjust or manually any shifts you would like assigned
  4. Fill out the schedule manually or using the Autoscheduler (optional)
  5. Review your schedule
  6. Publish your schedule

1. Creating a new schedule

Schedules are work spaces where you plan shifts for a period of time. You can create a new schedule by clicking the [+] button on the left panel of your Team Calendar.

This will create an unpublished schedule filled with empty shifts based on the template that your team uses. Note: changing your template after creating a schedule will not affect that schedule in any way.

While it is unpublished, the schedule and all its shifts are not visible on the Team Calendar or any associated views and team members cannot see or deal the shifts.

2. Approving or disapproving requests

Requests (vacation, require off, etc.) only influence the scheduling process if they are approved before filling out a schedule. Before filling out the schedule, you should ensure that your members have indicated what dates they can or cannot work with the appropriate requests, and that you have approved or denied all relevant requests.

3. Adjust or manually any shifts

Even though the team template was used to create the empty shifts in the schedule, you may add, edit, delete, or move shifts in the schedule. This is often required for special days such as holidays where the template may not accurately reflect the necessary shifts.

4. Fill out the schedule (optional)

The schedule can now be filled out by assigning members to shifts. This can be done manually by either:

  • clicking on a shift and selecting the member for that shift
  • dragging the shift onto the member's row in Timeline view

If you are using the Mesh Autoscheduler, click Autoschedule and let our system figure out the best arrangement of members in shifts. The pop-up will indicate how long the Autoscheduler will need to fill out the schedule and you will be notified when it completes. Note: If this is your first time autoscheduling a schedule, a Mesh AI concierge will review your settings before enabling the Autoscheduler feature to ensure that you get the best experience.

This step is optional. If you intend your members to choose their own shifts, do not fill out the schedule. Simply move on to step 6 and publish your schedule. Your members will be able to pick up empty published shifts themselves. Be sure they already know the rules of the game. First come, first served? Any min or max quotas? Share those via a Meshage before they see the empty Shifts. 

See this article for when you publish the shifts unassigned or empty. 

5. Review your schedule

After filling out your schedule or the Autoschedule completes, it is always a good idea to look through the schedule.

  • Make sure all shifts are assigned (if necessary)
  • Look for shifts that break any rules, they will be marked with a red bar on the left side
  • Check the distribution of shifts by clicking View Schedule Quality. This will give you graphs on equality and distribution of shifts in the scheduling period.

6. Publish your schedule

Once you are satisfied with your schedule, you can publish it by pressing the Publish button. When published, all the shifts in the schedule become visible to all team members on their personal calendars and the team calendar. They can interact with the Shifts and use the Deal system or Mesh Bazaar to trade or change them.

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