With MESHAI, Administrators remain in full control of Shift assignments.

Administrators can add shifts manually to generate a Schedule, before using MESH Autoscheduler. This ensures that a qualified Team Member gets a Shift that requires a specific job qualification.

  • Click on any Shift on your Team Schedule to manually assign it to a specific Team Member, as long as s/he fits the requirements for the Job type of that Shift.
  • From the Member drop-down list, select a qualified Member who needs to be assigned to a specific Job forming a Shift on the day you have selected from the Team Schedule (i.e. Dan (is qualified to work on Call Shifts) must work the On Call Shift on May 9, 2018). Please note: the warning signs appearing next to some of the Members' names indicate scheduling conflicts (i.e. job requirements, vacation, requested time off, etc.). To avoid scheduling conflicts, these Members should not be assigned to the Shift.
  • Note that the job qualification warning sign is to avoid scheduling conflicts, however you can still schedule those Members for a particular Shift.
  • Click on "Edit Shift," followed by "MESH Autoschedule" to generate a Team Schedule. 
  • Once the Autoscheduling completed, the Member who has been selected manually to work on a specific Shift will be scheduled to work on that Shift (i.e. Member: Dan; Job: On Call; Date: May 9, 2018). Autoshceduler will assign  the rest of Schedule's Shifts to the remaining available Team Members (including the manually assigned Member, if s/he is available on other dates and/or qualified for other job types).
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