Administrators can swap a Shift through Deals and/or Shift Editing.


Administrators can create Deals, which will become accessible to Members in the Shift Bazaar. 

  • Click on a Shift on your Team Calendar and select 'Make Deal'.
  • Choose to whom the Shift should be offered, or leave blank to allow any Member to take the Shift. 
  • A Deal will be created in the Shift Bazaar, and the Member(s) involved can choose to accept or reject it.

Shift Editing
Shift Editing is done by an Administrator on the Team Calendar.

  • Click on the Shift that needs to be re-assigned to another Member. 
  • Select the Member to whom you are re-assigning the Shift from the drop-down list. Please note: the warning signs appearing next to some of the Members' names indicate scheduling conflicts (i.e. job requirements, vacation, requested time off, etc.). To avoid scheduling conflicts, these Members should not be assigned to the Shift.
  • Click on "Update" to save your Shift Editing. 

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