Welcome to Meshage 2.0.

Sending a message or as we call them on Mesh AI, Meshage, using the Meshaging platform is simple; and now in version 2.0, you can do much more than before. Meshages can be sent and received via both web app and mobile apps (iOS and Android).  

On the web platform

First,  click the envelope icon in the page header bar. You will see any recent Meshages here. Click the 'New' button to start a new Meshage:

You will be brought to the conversations interface and a 'New Meshage' interface will show:

Enter an appropriate subject for your new message. Then select what audience you would like to message. If you would like to message groups of people, you can combine audience selectors to be as complex as you'd like using the new advanced interface provided:

After you have entered audience selectors (or none, if you want to Meshage particular people), you can edit the audience list. You can remove or add people as necessary.

Finally, enter your Meshage body. Once you are finished, you can click on send to send it to the recipients you selected. They will get notifications immediately on their web interface and/or mobile platform.

Note: You can now Meshage members of teams, entire teams, as well as time-based audiences like "everyone who is on a shift in Teams A and B now" or "everyone who has done shifts in the past 2 days", etc. These will be very helpful in quick and precise communication with staff exposed to infections and risks, to call staff to deal with emergencies, etc.  

Mobile Platforms

On the iOS and Android mobile platforms, new Meshages can be made by clicking the envelope icon in the bottom navigation bar and clicking the plus button. Note that on the mobile platform, complex audience selectors are not possible.

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