If you are a team administrator and have schedules in Excel spreadsheets that you would like to transfer into Mesh AI, you can do so using our importers. Your Mesh AI team concierge for your team can set up an importer for you. 

To import a schedule, click the 'import' icon in the Schedules list on your team calendar. If you do not see this button, you do not have any importers defined.

A menu will appear. Choose the excel file that you would like to import. Also, if your team has multiple importers, choose the one that corresponds with the excel style you are importing.

After you click 'create', the system will create a new schedule that includes the shifts as they appear in your excel spreadsheet.

Be sure to check over the new schedule for any abnormalities. Spelling mistakes or row errors in your Excel spreadsheet can interfere with the importer's ability to understand what you intend.

If you require assistance, contact your Mesh AI concierge.

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